Oh my! What an exhausting day! I’m lack of energy…I’m having not enough rest, I have to work and eat so that I’ll be more focus and alert in doing my task..Why I’ve to fast? Wake up early at 4pm to have a Suhoor? It’s totally will change my routine…Aargghhh!

It was a common words that comes out from most of the people..But do you realize what the incredible things turns to you when we are fasting? Let’s face it.

My dear friends, fasting is good for who wants to loss weights. It’s totally reduce our intake the portion of food. Don’t you want to feel good on Hari Raya? Wearing something nice and pretty with new outlook. That’s every women goals right…Plus, if you’re fasting your brain will focus only on doing work and learning more efficiently. You will be more alert and fast learner, trust me! I hope you will enjoy each and every moment of this Ramadan Kareem.