The easiest way to get your skin bright is to remove the dead skin cells and then apply skincare that can brighten the skin. Use SPF 30 sunscreen to maintain bright skin.

The best way to remove dead cells is to use a scrub that removes the layers of dead cells. Use a soft scrub that does not hurt the skin. If possible, use a scrub that contains oryza or berry fruit which can remove dead cells and at the same time lightens the skin.

When removing the layers of dead cells, apart from being bright, the skin will become smooth and fluffy. To brighten the skin opt for whitening ingredients such as VIT C (engineered), berries, licorice, grape seed oil, glutathione or if it is difficult to get this material, buy whitening cream that contains these ingredients.

Be careful when buying whitening products as many of them contain hydroquinone, mercury, tretinoin or other toxic substances. These ingredients will remove the upper layers of the skin and the skin will become extremely harmful because these substances can cause respiratory disturbances; the skin becomes inflamed and can also cause cancer. So watch out for these ingredients.