Before I tried Dr Nabisar’s products, my skin was dull & dark, and I became stressed each time I look at the mirror. Since, I am a working woman; I need to look healthy, beautiful and confident. I have tried various ranges of products but the results were not remarkable. I have also tried the products that claimed using only natural ingredients but after trying, and have acne as well as freckles, I just realized that this is a chemical product. I felt tricked.



Alhamdullilah now I’m trying the scientists’ manufactured product, DR NABISAR, NATURAL and my skin becomes healthy, smooth, fluffy and beautiful.My advice to other users: When buying any products, as consumers we should know who the manufacturer of the product is and whether the company is accredited and qualified as only they know in detailed all about the products and they will advise properly. – Bank officer, Lina