During yesterday’s dinner at a restaurant, I heard a boy’s voice besides my table saying to his mother, “Can I have a glass half-full of water, please”. I turned and looked at Man. I was surprised by what he said. What attracted me was not because he wanted the water, but the word that he chose to describe his glass half-full that attracted me. A young boy was capable of saying something like that.

This is because by mentioning the half-full, Man looks at things positively. Man had the option to say that the glass was half-empty but he chose to say half-full. When he has this habit, he will always look at things positively and not negatively. And if he also thinks on the inside (subconsciousy) positively, insyaAllah Man will become a successful man as he draws all the positive energy towards him. We as Muslims are also advised to think, speak and have good thoughts because of Allah S.W.T. How can we change the way we think to become more positive and can get what we want?

It is easier for us to think positively but why do we choose to think negatively? The reasons as to why we continue to think negatively is as follows:

  1. In the search for solutions as to why we had the problems, we tend to repeatedly thinking the negative things that had happened to us. Since we only focus on these problems, we will become trap and meet the dead ends. In Islam we are advised to leave our problems to Allah swt because the good and the bad comes from Allah swt. We need to continue with our work and insyallah we will gain something good from it.
  2. Lack of confidence – always thinks that he is the cause of the problem. This will cause more problems and bad things to happen in the future. We must always remember that Allah swt has created us; humans similar to each other. What distinguishes us from others is our practice. So do not feel inferior to anyone. If we think we are same with others, we will not feel inferior and we will work hard to improve ourselves.
  3. Falling down once does not mean we will fall down forever. We have to cultivate in ourselves that maybe today we have problems but tomorrow who knows that maybe things work well. If we always think negatively, then the unwanted things will happen.