I have heard too many complaints from the skin care / cosmetics users saying that their skins become easily dull if they do not use their current products for a few days.  This has always becoming an issue occurring among the cosmetics users who adore fairer skin.

If the products contain toxic substances, the skin will become dull after they stop using them. This exfoliation will remove the outermost skin layer and causes the layer of skin underneath it to resurface. Because of this new layer has no sunlight resistance, it is directly interact with the sun’s UV rays and the skin will become dark. Therefore, excessive exfoliating will cause severe dull skin problems.

At the beginning of a product use, most consumers will become satisfied because their skin will look brighter than before. But in just a few months, if they are not using the product, the skin will become dull and darker from the original skin. So, they feel cheated and become the victims of dangerous cosmetics producer.

Therefore, they are advised to change to healthy products that use herbs, high technology, fruits, marine products, biotechnology ingredients to brighten their skin. This results in the skin becomes fairer, healthier and safer without any negative reaction to the skin.