Positive thinking is an important element for someone to succeed in life because everything starts from us. Therefore, we need to be positive in whatever we do, so we can bring positive values into our life. Positive thinking is mainly about the process of creating feelings that build and transform good feel energy into reality. A person with optimistic mind always see beautiful and happy endings in any situation. People with this traits always think that nothing is impossible, with god blessing, we will achieve our dreams.


When we have a positive mind we will take positive actions in life. Positive thinking does not mean think positive and stand still but putting effort to achieve what we want. Without any effort, nothing can be gained.

When we encounter with some problem we need to always remind ourselves to be patience and think positive. My mum once said to me, beautiful (which is subjective) people are those who are patient. We see inner beauty when he/she is calm, relaxed and patient.

In psychology, this is called self-acceptance which eventually flourishes to confidence and happiness/positivity. I recalled reading one of the therapies for some people having problems such as Body Dimorphic Disorder (BDD), low confidence or depression (low self-esteem) which involved talking to yourself. You can do it in front of a mirror and say something like, “I accept myself. I love myself for who I am and I’m happy.”