In Malaysia, when talking about sex, many people do not want to hear but at the same time want to know about it. Why is this the situation? Why are we ashamed to talk about something that is quite a basic need in our lives besides food and drink? Why this topic is always a taboo and associated with negative habits? Is sexual relations between a husband and wife not a holy, pure and fun activity? Every man and woman will, insyaAllah, get married at some point of their lives. Is it not important for them to know about sexual health so that they can apply the knowledge given by Allah s.w.t for the good of the spousal relationship and the good of the family?

Nowadays, due to the pressure of modern life, many men feel tired when they return home. One whole day of working in front of the computer at the office, one whole day of meetings, it takes a toll on their body. As a result of constantly sitting down, the body becomes inactive. When this same routine repeats daily, weekly, monthly and eventually yearly, it causes the body to become sedentary and weak. This is worsened by the fact that once they return home, the physical activity they are willing to do is getting out of the car and walking into the house, nothing more. The body grows weaker and the intimate relationship of the spouse also becomes blander by the day. To prevent this, it is advisable to spend about 30 minutes a day for exercise or continuous walking. This is considered the minimum a person should do to maintain good physical activity levels. A step further is to eat a balanced diet and take health supplements that can provide immediate energy if needed.

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