What is the meaning of health? Is it just to have a good balance diet, exercise and have enough sleep? My mother tells me that health is more important than wealth. Whenever I hear it, I ask myself what it is my mother tries to convey. Many of us do not care about our own health, including myself. Most of us do not realise that health is actually a blessing that was given to us. From this blessing of health, we are able to experience the enjoyment of life and carry out our responsibilities.

In addition, health is also related to happiness. Happiness is a positive feeling; we would feel more energetic and motivated to live our lives. Recently, we were informed about Chester Bennington’s death. He was a man who had everything: fame, money and success. Unfortunately, he chose to commit suicide. Other than having divorced parents, he had a history of physical and emotional abuse. Depressed, he escaped those feelings through drugs. This can be concluded as Bennington being unable to take care of his mental health.

Many people in this world aims for eternal happiness. But, how do we find eternal happiness? Even the world itself is not eternal. It will come to an end. Through Chester Bennington’s story, we learnt that success and happiness are not measured in popularity or by being rich. For me, happiness has nothing to do with wealth and fame. It takes more than that. In fact, having good physical and mental health is the starting point to gain happiness, wealth and prosperity.

What say you?