After applied Dr Nabisar’s Phythoheat.

I have looked for a product that can relieve back pain and aches after exercising at the gym.  Outwardly, I may seem like I do not have pain post-exercise but, in reality, my back hurts after weightlifting activities at the gym. For me, women are not the only ones who want to look beautiful in front of people. The same is also applied to men.

Thus, I’ve tried various products but none of them had a positive effect. One day, I read on the Weekly Woman about a product called Phythoheat ‘DEEP HEAT’ DR NABISAR, NATURAL.

I decided to try the product and my back pain disappeared within minutes. The heat from ‘DEEP HEAT’ relieves all parts of my body. This product lasts from 18 to 24 hours.

I recommend this product to everyone who needs lotions to reduce and relieve pain, for massage, reducing muscle tiredness, and to remain active. It is indeed an effective, non-greasy and quick-acting product! -Yusof, IT Exec.