Too many manufacturers/sellers who sell beauty products claim their products contain stem cells. They insist the stem cells are good for the body thus making the products more expensive.

Theoretically, stem cells are good and many scientific experiments have been carried out to provide evidence. From those experiments, some had good results while others had no valid data showing the positive effects of stem cell in cosmetics.

For instance, because of the lack of solid data, the FDA has issued a statement to L’oreal to draw their claim that their products use stem cells and consumers can definitely look young after using it. Here I include a report in English for your reference:


“Stem cell cosmetics are an exploding area ranging from facial creams to face lifts to boob jobs to baldness treatments. The stem cell cosmetics field has not been held back by issues such as the fact that there is no science behind their expensive creams and treatments or those that do not have FDA approval …”

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