The easiest way to know whether a product or skin whitening cream is effective is to test it behind the ear. Many consumers of beauty products ask this kind of question every day. This is because sometimes when they use a whitening cream their skin becomes red, itchy and burns and painful when touched. So it is recommended that before consumers purchase any whitening cream, they should test the product behind the ears first.


Steps are as followed:

  1. Clean the skin behind the ear.
  2. Pour a small product or cream with the indicator’s fingers and rub on the back of the ear that has been cleaned.
  3. Leave the area like normal and monitor/observe response for 2 days (after using both day and night).
  4. Look for a rash or any visible reddishness of the skin. If present, it is due to an allergic reaction and consumer should not use the product.


If the product or cream is suitable for the skin and does not cause allergic reactions, it is harmless and can be used. However, be careful with toxic substances that only show the effects after weeks or months like tretinoin, mercury and hydroquinone.