All of us have ambitions and our little ones are always advised by parents, relatives, teachers, or other individuals to work hard to achieve their goals. That’s what our parents have done to make their lives successful.

Latest research now shows that in addition to working intelligently, we also need to imagine ourselves with that success. For example, if we intend to become a doctor, imagine that we are a doctor, wearing a doctor’s coat, talking to patients and treating patients. Surely, it will eventually become a fact rather than just a dream.

For short-term dreams, it is just as easy. Let’s say we are driving to Kuala Lumpur and we know it is difficult to get a parking spot there. So before we get there, imagine that there is one and we will eventually arrive to what we expect – an empty parking spot! Try this method for other things and insyaAllah your dream will become a reality. This is what is said by thinking positive thoughts.