Normally, skin care in Asian countries comprises for a light, bright and shiny skin tone. However, most Malaysian tends to choose products that are available on the market without a proper and details review of the product. They will always buy the skincare product as long as the product is at the low price and gives them unrealistic results such as; can get a fair skin in just three days.

Most of the products found in the local market contain hazardous materials such as Mercury, Hydroquinone and Tretinoin.

  • For mercury, why it is so harmful to skin is because mercury is so potent that can cause rashes, memory loss and even can weaken our muscle.
  • As for Hydroquinone, this chemical is strong and any unsupervised usage of products with this chemical can result in the skin becoming darker and even can ruin your skin and cause cancer.
  • Tretinoin also is dangerous to one skin. Tretinoin is a medication for acne but if over usage can lead to redness, blisters, peeling and scarring of the skin.