Many users of cosmetics in Malaysia in recent years always call and ask about preservatives used in skin care products and cosmetics. This is because consumers are now very health conscious. They want to look beautiful use products that are safe and clean. It’s no longer a situation where once beautiful and healthy kid then. Many women are now working and there is money itself. They want to look beautiful for yourself. It’s time to go where women beautify themselves for men alone. There are various types of preservatives.

Preservatives are used depending on the type of ingredients, the intended use, whether it continues to be worn or washed. If it’s possible misuse of injured preservative product and can also be harmful to health. Nowadays, many manufacturers use parabens. Paraben is composed of several types. Usually 3 to 6 will be combined in one type of paraben used pursued in the effort to use.

In addition to the group of parabens, phenoxyethanol are also used. This can only be used for washing the skin must be rinsed. Phenoxyethanol should not be used to cream and will cause side effects to the health of the skin. Can also use food-grade preservatives such as sodium benzoate and potassium benzoate. This is the best.  It is gentle to the skin and is not harmful to health and can also be used by children.

The next time you use preservatives please check the label and make sure to use correct preservatives