Teenagers today are smart and stylish dress according to the latest fashion circulation. In fact, there are quite versed in makeup and beauty care yourself. But in the process to look beautiful, some are bold enough to try various make-up styles that sometimes makes them seem more mature than his actual age. But beauty should not be measured on the face and appearance but should be more comprehensive, including aspects of hygiene because it directly affects health.

A healthy and active teens look more beautiful and attractive. Among the ways to look beautiful and attractive is such care:

  • Skin because the skin is very soft and adolescent “spoiled”
  • Blond hair short or long, depending on the tastes of each, but more importantly it must be clean and tidy. Wash your hair two or three days as needed.
  • Our lips skin is much more sensitive than other skin all over the body. Lip problems is dry, chapped and bleeding always occurs primarily in adolescents.
  • Nails always make sure your nails short and clean. Although there were long thought the hoof but in reality it was pretty easy to keep impurities.