The Right Way to Healthy Hair (Hair fall, Dull, Balding):

For part of the beauty of women’s hair. Healthy hair, thick and lustrous with proper selection of hairstyles will enhance the beauty of a person. Hair care is as important as the treatment of the skin. Hair beauty reflects one’s health. When dull, not shiny and gilded branched signifies unhealthy hair. Hair problems due to poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance or inappropriate hair treatments. There are three types of hair:

  • Oily hair: hair type has oil glands work excessively so hair looks greasy. Wet and sticky because too much oil, it is easy to form clumps of dirty hair. One way of maintaining health and hygiene to treat hair neatly namely by washing their hair regularly.
  • Normal hair: hair of this type have oil glands that produce oil enough. Not fast dirty hair and fluffy. Treatment for this type of hair is also easy. Wash your hair using shampoo and conditioner to sustain moisture.
  • Dry hair: hair looks fluffy, dry, dull and easily broken. This is due to the oil glands very little fat and less active. This type of hair is tangled, damage the hair shaft and ends of hair will break when brushed. This normally happens when the hair is firmly attached. Too frequent use shampoo and hairdryer also cause brittle hair. Every woman will experience the same problem, namely hair dandruff and hair loss. However, many do not understand the real cause of this problem.

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