Botanical drug is safe and effective if developed using scientific methods.  I am a Cambridge University, England PhD and UPM educated Management Consultant with 30 years experiences. My experiences are in developing  healthcare companies from ground zero, strategic planning, business process re-engineering, project management and implementation of business, banking and IT projects and managing operation of businesses, banks and government.

Successfully founded, developed and managed a biotechnology company specialising in producing botanical drugs for health and derma.

Our natural medicine are developed using plant extracts and natural compounds which are scientifically validated and combined with advanced Biotechnology

The beauty of life is for everyone to share the goodness of mankind
and mother nature. Mother nature have gifted us with beneficial and cost effective plant extracts for health and beauty. We only need to discover….

Natural medicine is the way forward. My appreciation of Mother Nature and the discovery and utilization of bio-actives combined with love for my fellow human beings for a better life encouraged me to develop innovative herbal medicine for health and beauty for everyone to use with confidence and enjoy the experiences.

Mother Nature has given us the wonders of life in terms of natural medicine, bio medicine and minerals which if carefully, skillfully and intelligently used in harmony will benefit us forever, which is my passion.

I earned my PhD from Cambridge University, England and postdoctoral at Imperial College, England. I was the visiting scholar at Cornell University, USA and did Bachelor Science of Biotechnology at University Pertanian Malaysia.

I am a trained scientist with experiences from renowned international laboratories in the United States, across Europe and South East Asia. I have used my experiences and skill sets to develop high quality effective herbal medicine at an affordable price for everyone to enjoy and benefit from my special researched bio-actives from Mother Nature.

I passionately believe through evolution, Mother Nature have created and developed the best of bio-molecules for us to discover and utilize for health and wellbeing. Mother Nature knows the best. Biopharmaceutical is the way forward in caring and maintaining our health and well beings. My other knowledge in business, finance and expert knowledge in enhancing and improving business and technical processes through many years of business process reengineering experiences cumulated in me producing cost effective products at an affordable price.

I researched natural ingredients in any parts of the world whether on land or ocean or in a valley or high on a mountain hoping to find the cure for problems which provides fastest relief and comfort to the users.

I communicate and engage with many traditional practitioners in herbal medicine in sharing knowledge about the dos and don’ts about herbs, plants, minerals and other natural entities.

Therefore the many years of experiences and knowledge in this area are taken seriously and considered and combined with advances in science and technology, so the best of knowledge is used in producing your natural medicine and beauty products.

I am a Cambridge PhD and UPM educated Management Consultant with 25 years experience of strategic planning, business process re-engineering, project management and implementation of business, banking and IT projects and managing operation of businesses, banks and government. Successfully founded developed and managed a biotechnology company specialising in producing health and beauty products.

A successful scientific career at Cambridge’s leading Institute of Biotechnology was followed by rapid advance within Business and IT Consultancies,government, founding a biotechnology company based on a proven record to achieve high quality innovative solutions in record time.

Incredible drive and determination backed by a sharp analytical mind has resulted in a long record of successes within IT and Business Consultancies and government. Major projects included developing a Bond trading system, centralization of back office functions, business evaluation of technology for government funding and acquisition, e-commerce including mortgages, travel, retail and property businesses including branding, marketing and advertising. Assessment of government linked companies and agencies on deliverables and corporatization.


Nabtech Technology

Non invasive, non tacky, easy transdermal penetration for fast delivery of bioactives At Dr Nabisar we want to offer a different method of delivery...

Manufacturing (OEM)

You just concentrate in selling your brand & generating revenue.We design, develop and manufacturer your brand label for your market entry.

lab analysis

Lab Analysis

We take pride in our careful interpretation of raw data for creating value to the users. We are equipped in house to carry out latest analysis and...

Our Bioactives

Plants and herbs produces healing bioactive molecules and if not selected properly it can be detrimental to health.We incorporate these...


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